SolidLine Media has assembled a top-notch team of patient safety and production experts to create and implement the Minute for Medicine program. From the most up-to-date content to creative and fun production techniques, our team has ensured each component of the program is of the highest quality.


Content Advisor: Dave Mayer, MD

David Mayer, MD and SolidLine Media have been working together to develop patient safety related videos for the past 8 years, including award-winning documentaries as well as videos series similar to Minute for Medicine. Dr. Mayer is the vice president of Quality and Safety for MedStar Health. He is responsible for overseeing the infrastructure for clinical quality and its operational efficiency for MedStar and each of its entities. Dr. Mayer designs and directs system wide activities for patient safety and risk reduction programs. Dr. Mayer also founded Transparent Health and founded and has led the annual Telluride International Patient Safety Roundtable and Patient Safety Medical Student Summer Camp for 10 years.

Dr. Mayer will assist SolidLine Media with content development for the Minute for Medicine series.

Dr. Mayer talking about working with SolidLine Media


Content Advisor: Tim McDonald, JD MD

Dr. McDonald is the Service Chief for Anesthesiology and the Medical Director for Quality and Safety at Sidra Medical and Research Center. Prior to Sidra, Dr. McDonald was the Chief Safety and Risk officer for Health Affairs at the University of Illinois Chicago. Tim has collaborated with SolidLine Media for the last 8 years on a wide range of patient safety productions, both with his organization Transparent Health as well as at UIC. They are currently discussing opportunities at Sidra.

Dr. McDonald will also assist SolidLine Media with content development for the Minute for Medicine series.

Dr. McDonald talking about working with SolidLine Media



Writer: Tracy Granzyk

Tracy is the Director of Patient Safety and Quality Innovation at MedStar Health. She has over 15 years experience writing within the healthcare field and 8 years on the topic of patient safety. At MedStar, she is responsible for creating new and fresh ways to communicate and distribute quality and safety teachings to MedStar’s 30,000 person staff. Tracy has been working with the SolidLine Media crew for many years on a wide variety of patient safety productions.






Executive Producer: Greg Vass

Greg is a co-founder at SolidLine Media and has 8 years experience producing videos and films that center around patient safety. He has worked closely with Dr. Mayer, Dr. McDonald, and Tracy Granzyk to produce video educational materials for medical students as well as seasoned attending physicians to create a safer healthcare system and reduce avoidable medical harm.






Director of Post Production: Michael Kromm

Michael runs the Post Production department at SolidLine Media and is also a co-founder. A graduate of the Florida State University Film School, Michael is a seasoned Avid editor with 20 years experience. He will head up the editing and oversee the motion graphic development phases of the Minute for Medicine series.